The American Association of Cosmetology Schools Partners with Ted Gibson to Launch "Beauty Changes Lives"

Are you dying to make your living in the beauty industry? As someone stuck in finance for years who managed to break into this industry obliquely, I can certainly appreciate the value of advocating beauty education and building your career from an early age. My mane man Ted Gibson absolutely agrees and has collaborated with The American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS) to be their new spokesperson for “Beauty Changes Lives.” The new initiative is focused on raising awareness of the rewards and opportunities offered by beauty and wellness careers.

The Beauty Changes Lives Website boasts career information, profiles of iconic personalities in the hair, beauty and wellness industry, and information on education opportunities. Says Ted (pictured at left with The AACS president Lynelle Lynch), “Who would have thought as a beauty school graduate I’d be able to travel the world, work with A-list celebrities, open salons and mentor the next generation of hair dressers. My career has allowed me to fulfill my dreams and build a beauty empire.” That he has. With a spot on successful TV show What Not to Wear, his own salon and his own line of products (just SOME of his accomplishments), he shows the world a truly fabulous example of what’s possible with an education in beauty.

Congrats, Ted!

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