Primping Poll: Are You Grossed out by Hair Items in the Kitchen?

I have a primping poll for you gals.

So, when I was growing up, Carol, my mother would just about lose her MIND if I brought my hairbrush, barrettes or hair products into the kitchen. While I wouldn’t pull a Marcia Brady and brush my mane 1,000 times while I eat, a little primping in the same place where food is prepared/consumed just doesn’t really bother me. And now, my lifestyle totally freaks Carol out. Not only do I blow out my hair mere feet from where I eat on my couch (I live in a stu-stu-studio, EVERYTHING is pretty much done in the same room), my beauty writer vocation means I wind up eating about a 1/4 of my meals while I’m getting a hair treatment done at events. Read: I’m frequently noshing on a piece of watermelon topped with goat cheese while simultaneously having a trim. This is perfectly fine with me, but Carol would DRY heave if she were to find out (don’t tell her).

On a related note, my FATHER is grossed out beyond belief by the smell of nail polish. I had to wait until he wasn’t home to do my nails even in my room with the door shut, windows open, on another FLOOR. I’d have to flush used nail-polish-remover-soaked cotton balls so they wouldn’t stink up the trash can. My theory that men loathe the smell of nail parapherna(i)lia has never been disproven. Have you met a man who is okay with that scent? Save maybe, for one who works at a nail salon?

What say you? Are you totes grossed out by a little touching up in your dining/food prep area? Or are you fine with it as, I, a total heathen in Carol’s opinion, am? Tell me in the comments.

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3 Comments Primping Poll: Are You Grossed out by Hair Items in the Kitchen?

  1. Amber Katz


    HYSTER re: Dental filling mixes. I agree with you utterly. If I HAD the room to keep these things separate (but equal) I would. But since I don’t, that’s just how it goes.

    Also agree re: powder/mirror. At Panera, that’s fine. At a nicer resto, forget it. Go to the LADIES’.


  2. MonkeyPosh (Jen)

    Hey Toots- MonkeyPosh here.
    My husband had to come get me from a manicure one time and he stepped inside the door and almost had a seizure. He LOATHES the smell of nail polish and illegal dental filling mixes sold on the black market and fronted as acrylic to do cheap fake nails……I digress.

    I am not a fan of brushes and grooming in the kitchen, however I do not live in a studio apt–so I have a designated place for grooming. If I didn’t, I would do what needed to be done in whatever room I had. Watermelon and goat cheese? I am on that.

    How do you feel about someone whipping out a powder/mirror and touching up powder or lipstick at the table? At Panera this would not phase me as much, but at The Four Seasons? I think not. Excuse your princess arse to the ladies room. What say you?


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