"These violent delights have violent ends . . ."–William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

I can’t believe LOSTPEDIA hasn’t covered this yet. The Nikki and Paolo episode was SO reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet. The similarities: The “fake death” and subsequent burial that eventually segued into a real death. (Not 100% sure that Nikki won’t be able to escape from her “being buried alive” situation, but am fairly certain because I KNOW those two were NOT fan faves). Their circumstances are also very R & J: two “star-crossed” lovers who are together in secret. Dr. Arzt is SO the apothacary, Friar Lawrence. A helpful scientist committed to his discipline who deals with dangerous “poisons” but knows enough about them to use them wisely. And he teaches what he knows to Nikki, much as Friar Lawrence teaches Romeo about his various potions. Just as Friar Lawrence’s mystical knowledge of potions and herbs seems out of place for a Catholic friar, so does Arzt’s knowledge of insects, animals, and dynamite for a high school Science teacher. Oh, and? There’s a character on the SHOW named Juliet. I was wondering when they’d get more into the R&J theme, and I guess this is when they deemed it appropriate.

I enjoy the “The Other 48 Days” format of the episode.

Not necessarily R&J, but certainly Shakespearean: the “play within a play” aspect”, i.e., the opening scene with Nikki playing a guest role in “Expose”. I totes appreciate the appearance of Billy Dee Williams, how RANDOM.

I love the whole “oh you know, Nikki and Paolo were here the WHOLE time” sham, don’t you? I was kind of disappointed in the return of Shannon and Boone just to serve that end. BTW, they made Shannon’s hair MUCH more voluminous than it was before. What’s that about? And WTF? Why on EARTH didn’t Paolo say one thing about overhearing Ben and Juliet in The Pearl? What kind of moron is he? I guess the kind who will rest in peace amid some gorgeous diamonds.

What kind of teeth whitening product is NIKKI using? It’s AMAZING, n’est-ce pas? I also am obsessed with her hair color. I can’t wait to catch a tan like hers this summer.

Stay tuned for Givenchy/Guerlain reviews.

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