Stand Up For Beauty; Win 50K From COVERGIRL!

CoverGirl recently announced a new campaign called Stand Up For Beauty. It’s all about embracing the fact that that pretty can be funny, feisty and courageous–that what makeup does for you on the outside can be positive, even on the inside. I love that the brand created this campaign to celebrate the fabulousness of beauty. They’re acknowledging that it’s not always hip to love beauty. There are so many times when beauty’s been denigrated–the ’90s comes to mind. But it’s important to me–and its honor needs to be defended. Because, in the words of Carol, “beauty is like pornography–you know it when you see it.”

To that end, the brand is giving away $50,000 to beauty fans for standing up in what they believe in. Create a video, one minute or less showing how you stand up for the power of beauty. Yours truly participated in the promotional video along with some other well known beauty and fashion gurus, including the fabulous Molly Stern, the hilarious Ellen DeGeneres and my gal Polly Blitzer. I’m in good company, n’est-ce pas? Check it out.

Submit your video to COVERGIRL!

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4 Comments Stand Up For Beauty; Win 50K From COVERGIRL!

  1. Amber Katz

    Hey Anonymous (whom I know is that moron Cheryl because the IP address is coming from the same city),

    I’m fine with debate on my blog. What I’m not into is an ad hominem attack on it… especially when the hominem is ME. Some more points as to how this is not about debate:

    1: Why would your argument that beauty is a waste of limited resources–time, effort and money–be well received on a BEAUTY BLOG? Let’s THINK about that now. And FYI, I’m sure you’re aware because there are disclaimers all over my blog, but most of the products I try for BBJ come in the form of press samples. So I’m not spending as much money as you think on it. The time and effort has also paid off as it’s resulted in a profitable blog network and a full-time job for me.

    2: I see you came over from Glossed Over and have adopted her opinion as your own. Good one.

    3: When a commenter calls me “mean-spirited” and “brainless”… it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that that’s not really categorized as a “debate.”

    Why are you still reading my blog?


  2. Amber Katz

    Hey Cheryl.

    I think you’re a moron. You don’t know anything about me. To call me stupid without any basis leads me to conclude that you are really stupid.

    First of all: Learn how to spell development. Second of all: Re: My “brainlessness” as perceived by YOU, I am a graduate of Boston University. I was accepted into Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism (continuous education–better known as continued education). I am a former financial writer with a Series 7 and a Series 63 under my belt. I am fluent in French, Latin and proficient in Spanish. Why can’t I say that buying a simple lip gloss makes my day a bit better? That’s mean-spirited?

    Oh, and why are you reading a beauty blog if you’re so “above” beauty products as they create “an artifice?”

    Don’t read my blog.


  3. Cheryl

    The criticism, as I understand it, isn’t that artifice is ugly, it’s that a constant bombardment of unrealistic advertisements promoting standards which are unattainable for the average person, all work together to create an unhealthy psychologicaly environment for the very people you claim to care about.

    You’re willing to spend enormous amounts of limited resources — time, effort, and money — on your appearance which leaves very little left over for developlement of your character or continuous education. So a reasonable assumption is that your brainless and mean-spirited “beauty” is indeed quite ugly.


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