D&G/The Cinema Society Host New Moon Screening and After Party in NYC

Look. You know I love me some Twilight mania. Bear with me. I know this isn’t twilightfans.com/cra, but for the next couple of days, this site MAY RESEMBLE one such web address. K? I also need the New Moon Soundtrack, stat. Has anyone downloaded it? If so, what are your fave tracks? Share! Anywho. Some gratuitous pics of The Twilight Saga: New Moon screening and afterparty in New York City hosted by the Cinema Society and D&G:

Robert Pattinson wows the crowd in D&G.

Kristen Stewart looks surprisingly unawkward and pretty with her heavily defined black-lined eye and pulled back ‘do.

Taylor Lautner (whose birthyear of 1992 officially makes my attraction to him cougar-worthy–or at least puma-worthy) looks extra picante in D&G.

Ashley Greene channels the ’60s with her cat eye and pretty blush pink lip.

Stay tuned for my review of New Moon, which I natch saw twice this weekend.

Image Credit: Getty Images/swide.com

Source: swide.com

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5 Comments D&G/The Cinema Society Host New Moon Screening and After Party in NYC

  1. tofupoo

    loved the movie! it was great, my favorite song off the soundrack was death cab for cutie’s meet me on the equinox! their official video for the song has new moon clips! and im so jealous youve seen it twice….i really want to see it again

  2. Daneen

    Oh…and though I won’t admit it on my own blog, I will say it here. I’m going back to the theater primarily to see Taylor Lautner’s trapezius muscles again. I feel so dirty for admitting that. I’m like those pervs on To Catch A Predator.

  3. Daneen

    I haven’t downloaded the soundtrack yet (kinda PO’d that I can’t just download the individual tracks I want), but I will soon. My fave tracks are Possibility (from the scene where Bella’s sitting in the chair and 3 months pass) and the Thom Yorke song. But the others may grow on me after I put them on my iPod.

    Can’t wait to see NM again with you on Saturday. Will you have any allowance left by then?


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