Ports 1961: Modern Geisha

Ports 1961  - Romero Jennings - New York Spring Fashion Week 2010

MAC makeup artist Romero Jennings

Beauty at Ports 1961 drew inspiration from the sophisticated aesthetic of the Japanese. In contrast with the dark, gothic theme prevalent in Spring 09, Fall 2010’s bold, dramatic eyes reflect economic recovery and renewed hope.

Ports 1961 - final look - New York Spring Fashion Week 2010

Vibrant dark peach lipstick was slicked onto lids in striking swaths with MAC pigments in Reflect Copper and Reflect Rust tapped on top. MAC makeup artist Romero Jennings suggests you open loose shadows and pigments onto a tissue in an area where there’s no wind in order to minimize mess. “Use a very soft brush and tap on pigment,” Jennings advised. Then, close the jar ASAP. “Because it’s not YOU who will spill it. Most loose shadow accidents are caused by someone else who didn’t know the jar of shadow was there.” Concealer was applied to brows, allowing the eyes to take center stage. Nude lips neutralized with foundation balanced out the look.

Isabelle Lepage, the show’s director of hair and makeup said that the hair stylists drew inspiration from the Japanese affinity for the back of a woman’s neck. Faux bobs were created by securing the length of hair onto a horizontal braid above the nape. First, hair was backcombed in the back for volume, but left natural in the front, then pulled into a sleek faux hawk. Try this stylist’s tip: “There’s a right way to backcomb: In a ‘C’ shape. Make sure to direct your comb in and out of hair.” This will help you “undo” the effect later, simply by brushing through.

Image credit: Nathan Bush for Daily Makeover

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