Board Game-Inspired Beauty: Barielle Shades U-Concrete-Me Nail Polish

Oh, hi, all and welcome to Board Game-Inspired Beauty Week!

This theme week is about by my favorite board games and a corresponding product inspired by each. The Hasbro-hued world of fun should have more to do with beauty than it does currently, n’est-ce pas? I plan to change all that. An entire week of boardgame posts. Am I the biggest loser or WHAT?

So onto the board game-inspired product of the day.

Jason Backe complimented my grey manicure at Ted Gibson Salon the other day and marveled that it was totally a B-12 you-sank-my-battleship steel grey. Naturally, I loved this reference and it thereby spawned an entire WEEK of board game beauty. Thanks for being my MUSE, Jason!

Barielle’s U-Concrete-Me is from the All Lacquered Up Collection, named in honor of my gal Michelle. This shade is a gorgeous medium grey creme polish that is just perfect for post-Labor Day almost-fall-but-not-quite-yet weather.

Barielle U-Concrete-Me retails for $8 at

BT dubs, there are plans for a feature film to be based on Battleship. Fun!

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