Pantene How-tos Courtesy of Hallie Bowman and a Giveaway!

The other day, I attended a Pantene event where the talented Hallie Bowman, stylist to the stars (she’s styled the locks of Kristen Stewart and Isla Fisher) provided an audience of bloggers her tips to achieving three hot ‘dos. Be sure to check out the end of the post for deets on how you can be one of five winners to win a year’s supply of Pantene products. Excuse the craptastic photography from my iPhone.

The Spiral Curled ‘Lob
Use the Full Volume line to shampoo and condition–it’s perfect for fine hair, but a lot of it. This is my hair scenar(io), what’s yours? Hallie says to take a triangular section from behind your ear. Apply Pantene Pro-V Full & Thick Mousse from root to tip on damp hair. Blow dry hair while lifting hair away from scalp, periodically flipping hair over for lots of volume. (note: be sure to completely dry crown with head upside down to ensure the most volume in the right spot). Wrap hair around a curling iron and then pull the hair post-curl to make a beach wave. The key is to do this while it’s still hot. Turn the iron in different directions to make it look more natural. When you are finished with curling your entire head, don’t be afraid to brush your hair (Hallie recommends a Mason Pearson or boar bristle brush) for a more polished look. It won’t destroy the curl. Complete the look by applying Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Smoothing Crème to define waves and fight frizz.

Half-up Glam
Start by using the Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Smooth Vitality Shampoo and Conditioner to tame frizz and fly-aways. Distribute the Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Smoothing Crème evenly throughout wet hair to keep locks looking smooth and frizz-free all day. Blow dry hair using a natural or combination bristle brush. Begin the style by creating a deep side part (Very Robert Palmer gal) on both sides. Bring the middle section forward (you will come back to it later) and use a clip to keep it on the top of your head. Collect sections of hair on sides of head, leaving a 2-inch section of hair out on top of the head for use later, then slick sides of hair back and collect with a bungee or clear elastic band at crown of head. Spray top section of hair with Pantene Texture Spray Wax sprayed at the root for volume. Says Hallie “Spray Wax plus a curling iron on dry hair has the effect of dry shampoo.” Amazing, n’est-ce pas? Pull top section of hair back, leaving volume at the top, and secure at crown of head with pins: this will conceal elastic band. Finish with a spritz of Pantene Pro-V Classic Flexible Hold Aerosol Hairspray.

Updo Upgrade
This business in the back/party in the front look is best on medium length hair. The chignon is sleek, while the front is messy.
Start by washing hair with the Pantene Pro-V Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner to keep hair hydrated with a smooth finish. Post blow-dry, pull your hair into a low ponytail and securing it with a hair bungee (2 hooks) or elastic band (a bungee won’t budge and it won’t pull your hair. Leave some pieces out around the face). Spray the ponytail and loose strands with the Pantene Pro-V Texture Spray Wax. Roll the ponytail from ends to root, creating a barrel roll (see picture above). Holding the ends of the barrel with one hand, wrap the roll around the bungee in a donut shape and secure it to your head with pins. For the sections around the face, wrap around a medium-sized curling iron, wrapping from root to end for loose tousled waves (like in the Lob example). Complete the look with Pantene Pro-V Ice Shine Hairspray.

The best news? Pantene has sponsored a giveaway for give BBJ readers to win a year’s supply of Pantene Nature Fusion products:

Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Smooth Vitality Shampoo
Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Smooth Vitality Conditioner
Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Smoothing Crème

Each winner will receive five of each product. Fun, right? Enter by telling me in the comments which ‘do mentioned above you like most. Deadline is Friday, August 28 at 5pm. Winners will be announced on Monday, August 31. Good luck!

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42 Comments Pantene How-tos Courtesy of Hallie Bowman and a Giveaway!

  1. ladybuggg

    i like the sound of the up-do upgrade.. it sounds laid-back, but beautiful. 🙂

    thanks for having such a great giveaway… i thought your iphone photos were pretty awesome!

  2. Tanya

    Half-Up Glam is my fav @ the moment. However, my style likes are contantly changing. LOL! Now, how FAB would a years supply of hair products be?! VERY! Count me in!! Please!

  3. rhaindropz

    The Spiral Curled ‘Lob is the best!!!
    thanks for sharing =)

    Here in the Philippines, i used the pink Pantene i love the smell and it makes my hair so soft!!!

    love lots,

  4. Brianne B

    I love the Half Up Glam look since my hair’s sooo long! I think this style sounds like it’ll allow me to do something different for once, while keeping the length in the back. Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Nessa

    Spiral Curled ‘Lob is something that I think I might try. I have thin hair, but it’s also stick straight and it’s hard to keep a curl in it for more than an hour.
    Great giveaway!

  6. Lucy

    Please include me in the giveaway. I love the Half Up Glam look. This is something I usually wear when I go out. I hate hair hanging in my face when it’s hot. This way it’s neat and stylish. Thanks for all the tips on the rest of the styles. I love Pantene products. It’s what I normally use. Would love to win a years supply! Fantastic! Thank you.

  7. Christina

    I’ve always liked and used mousse, and the thick and full mousse sounds intriguing for my suddenly volume-less hair. (I used to have really big hair…without trying.)


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