Luxe Capacitor: BeautyZZZ Silk pH Balance Pillowcase

The Luxe Capacitor series includes pricier items that really deliver. You know. Products I’m recommending for a little indulgence even In This Economy (ITE, as Carmindy says). Because, can’t we all agree that a little beauty luxury goes a long way? Luxe Capacitor, BT dubs, is obviously a shout-out to my fave movie of all time, Back to the Future‘s Flux Capacitor.

The BeautyZZZ Silk pH Balance Pillowcase ($47) is definitely a splurge, but one I deem worthy of inclusion in the Luxe Capacitor series. I love its smooth, cool-to-the-touch (you know sleeping on a cool pillow is THE BEST) texture. The hypoallergenic covering even feels like it’s imparting the TEENSIEST bit of hydration into my skin and hair. My skin’s texture has mildly improved, although I see no change in under-eye circles. Also, adhering to my new strategy of changing my pillowcase twice a week has yielded fewer breakouts.

Regarding BeautyZZZ’s effects on hair, I’ve been sleeping on satin pillowcases for YEARS in order to avoid instances of hilarious bedhead and to maintain my blow-outs. I found this one to be especially kind to my strands. Whereas before, I’d need a little light blowdrying on my bangs and around my hairline, with BeautyZZZ, I’m able to get the show on the road without involving heat tools. Which means I can spend more time zzzing with my iPhone White Noise app.

The BeautyZZZ Silk pH Balance Pillowcase is sold at Fred Segal Studio Beauty mix stores.

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