Vamp It Up With Urban Decay Ink For Eyes Liner

Vampires are SO hot right now, and Urban Decay knows it. Parenthetically, did you gals happen to check this article from a while ago which posited that more vampire movies come out when Democrats are elected to U.S. presidency and more zombie movies come out during a Republican administration? It’s quite wild. Especially I’ve realized that my last vamp obsesh was the Lestat-peppered era of my adolescence… during the Clinton administration.

Anyway. It’s surely within the vamp theme of our Twilight and TrueBlood-obsessed pop culture that the brand created its latest coffin-encased item of cosmetic genius, Ink For Eyes eye liner ($22). It’s a CREAM liner, dolls. Not a gel. And for that reason, it keeps your skinny liner brush free of hard-to-clean-off dried-on debris post-use. Its angled brush creates a razor-sharp skinny line thisclose to lashes. Color (your choice of seven wearable shades) adheres quickly and easily to your lids and lasts from your first coffee to your final cocktail. My friend Denise of Siren PR and I have about four convos a day about how phenom “that coffin liner” is. Best of all? An adorbs PEACOCK lives on its case. Tamron, are you READING?

P.S. It’s even paraben-free. Get on that shiz, (Le)stat. [Thanks for that HILAR idea, Kristen!]

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4 Comments Vamp It Up With Urban Decay Ink For Eyes Liner

  1. Amber

    Christina, they both look great on, but I find creme is easier to deal with b/c it doesn’t dry onto your brush and make it hard to clean.

  2. Christina

    Darlinggg I hate to sound ignorant, but why is a creme liner so much better than a gel liner? I love love love my Fluidline, what makes this better?! (Well, besides the fact that the colored ones look more vibrant than Fluidlines swatch).


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