For Men Who Can’t Commit: REDKEN for Men’s New Customized Camouflage Service

The model, before. Distinguished gentleman, yes. But Jenny Balding (REDKEN for Men Consultant, pictured below) adds just a touch more “pepper” to his “salt.”

Jenny applies the service to her model’s hair.

Check the results! Just a very slight change that makes the model look a bit younger.

I know! Earth-shattering news, dolls. Men do not like to commit to things! Can you even? Or, as Tamron says, CYE? I know. You come here for ALL your news, right?

REDKEN calls our attention to the fact, however, that “forever” freaks dudes out even in the realm of hair color. But as the brand usually does, they’re providing a solution, this time, in the form of REDKEN for Men’s new Customized Camouflage Service. This professional, demi-perm hair color treatment is available in REDKEN salons for $20-$70. It’s perfect for men veering a little into George Clooney Town without entering the city limits of Pavarottiville.

The brand recommends it specifically for men with less than 50% grey. The five-minute service is done discreetly at the sink (one client refers to it as “that conditioning treatment,” according to REDKEN for Men Consultant Jenny Balding) and simply adds a little more “pepper” to his “salt.” For those men looking for a slightly bigger change, there are customized options of up to a 10-minute service for enhanced coverage. It comes in six shades ranging from a light ash to dark natural. Clients’ colorist will tailor the shade to his or her clients’ needs by leaving on the color for varying timeframes.

The color fades naturally until the next salon (about six to eight weeks) visit so there’s no COMMITMENT. Okay, boys?

To locate a REDKEN for Men salon, visit

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