Finest Hour Week: Your Purse-ready Prom Fragrance

Girls, I’m going to let you in on a little beauty industry secret. When it comes to commonly-used phrases beauty editors hear over and over, “You can just put it in your purse!” is at the TOP of the list. It’s basically… a bunny eating a carrot. It’s that cliche. Portability IS a bonus, obviously. There are many things that really are nice, light, and well-packaged. But sometimes we hear it about full-sized, regular stuff. I always think to myself that if I were really going to put everything in my purse that someone tells me I should… I’d be carrying a Samsonite around.

But something that REALLY IS perfect for toting in your tiny prom clutch? Space NK’s Laughter Solid Perfume Compact ($45). The compact is sleek, gorge and features a stealth mirror. I KNOW. How could you not bring it to the prom? And the scent itself is light, citrusy and airy. A solid perfume won’t leak all over your bag (nor your date) so you can focus on other things. And, it’s alchol-free, but I promise it’s not lame. Lastly, you’ll adore its plum plum totes fance velvet bag it lives in. Love, love, love.

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