LOST Analysis: Latin. Time Travel. Matthew Fox. If I could marry a show, I’d marry LOST.

Ellie (pictured, left) rocks Whitney Port twists on the island circa 1954! She’s so on-trend!

Guys, I’ve KIND OF failed you. Last night, I had far too many glasses of Sauvignon Blanc with my friend Amber and made friends with some Brits only to arrive home not very prepared to watch LOST at 10pm. I did watch, but I was a bit tipsy AND didn’t have a chance to watch it twice, as I usually like to do. I plan to rewatch it tonight. That said, however, I did notice a few things:

Eyeliner Richard returns! Is Richard a VAMPIRE? That’s the only way this show could get better. When Juliette responds that Richard is simply “old,” when asked how old he IS, I found it to be very Twilight, specifically Edward’s scene in the meadow, n’est-ce pas?
Bella: “How long have you been 17?”
Edward: “A while.”

I think Ellie is a younger Ms. Hawking and I think (and I’m surely not alone here) that she marries Widmore and has Daniel Faraday with him.

WIDMORE is Daniel’s benefactor Great Expectations style. It’s also pretty wild that he’s an Other.

Charlie is the name of Desmond’s baby. Interesting that it’s the name of Charles Widmore (the man who went to great lengths to keep star-crossed lovers Penny and Des apart) and Charlie Pace (the man who died so that they could be together).

Says Richard, “We have a very specific process for selecting our leaders.” Like that of the Dalai Lama. Also, I am glad to see that Locke is a fellow Gemini (born May 30, 1956).

Thank you, LOST, for reaffirming that Latin is the “language of the enlightened.” As a Latin scholar, I’ve always thought as much.

My brother pointed out a painting of a polar bear that said “Namaste” hanging in Widmore’s office when Desmond went to speak with him. It doesn’t get more Dharma Inish than that, does it?

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2 Comments LOST Analysis: Latin. Time Travel. Matthew Fox. If I could marry a show, I’d marry LOST.

  1. That Girl

    Can I just say that when Richard yelled at “Widmore” my thought process went as follows:
    1) Holy expletive, did he just say Widmore?
    2) So when Widmore says it’s “his island” he doesn’t mean he owns it…
    3) I can’t wait to see what BBJ has to say about this!


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