A Lesson in Color Nostalgia: OPI’s Baguette Me Not

I am quite taken with OPI’s Baguette Me Not ($9), a cinnamon pinky-blush shade from the brand’s France Collection. This collection, BT dubs, is one of the best polish collections I’ve seen. EVER. The purples in it are to die. But this Baguette Me Not shade in particular is divine. At my parents’ dinner table in Blue Bell, PA this past weekend my mother pinpointed the hue’s true appeal: “That’s a color I haven’t seen in a long time. Things used to be that color. They’re not anymore. You know, a nude rose. Nude plus rose.”
This FASCINATES me. Certain colors sort of … stop being in circulation over time. Like the yellows, green-blues, and off-maroons that Peggy Olsen wears in Mad Men. She’s sort of stuck in the early 50s (most aptly demonstrated in the episode two weeks ago when Kurt cut her Grease-era ponytail off before the Bob Dylan concert), though the show takes place in the early ’60s. It can be argued that the “late ’50s” lasted through the early ’60s… the ’50s zeitgeist terminated with the assassination of Kennedy, I believe. Some more colors you don’t see very often anymore? The “oatmeals” and olive greens popular in the ’90s.

Tell me your favorite “discontinued” color in the comments. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m in love with the bright green color currently in vogue (emerald, kelly). It was NOT available until sometime recently and now its everywhere.


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