Latin Scholars Rejoice!

I’m a little late to this Sunday’s Maureen Dowd column party, but I was DELIGHTED to see that she wrote an entire portion of it in Latin. My inner dork (and former high school National Latin Exam Award winner) feels so vindicated. An excerpt:

Vilmingtoni, in Ohionem, McCain’s Mean Girl (Ferox Puella) defendit se gladiatricem politicam esse: “Pauci dicant, O Jupiter, te negativam esse. Non, negativa non sum, sed verissima.” Talk about lipsticka in porcam! Quasi Leeus Atwater de oppugnatione Busii Primi ad Dukakem: “non negativus, sed comparativus.”

Do you love it?

Te salutamus, Maureen!

P.S. Yay for Westchester County schools bringing Latin back.

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