How "Berry."

Dolls, the title is a nod to oft-uttered Heathers line, “how very.”

There are so many ways to transition your look into fall mode, but my FAVE is by mixing it up with just two little baby things: A scarf, like the DKNY Infinity ($75) and a sheer red lip moment. There are days when I’m FAR too uninspired to rock anything multi-toned to work. Meaning, I just go to the closet and choose black pants (or a skirt) and a black top OR a similar pairing of all grey items. The latter choice is slightly less dismal. But BOTH choices go from meh to hells to the yeah when I dab on some sheer red lip color. Some fun sheer reds I’m lurving of late:

A STAIN that plumps? Sign me on up. Contains an organic version of the famous Lip Venom essential oil blend. The stain is a pinky-red and lasts 4 Eva, like David’s love for Nicole in Fear.

Elizabeth Arden’s famed 8-Hour Cream now comes in several sheer shades. My favorite is berry (obv), which moisturizes your pout while imparting a kiss of color.

Three Custom Color Ballet Russe ($18.50) This TO DIE sheer red lippie was inspired by Three Custom’s Chad’s recent trip to Russia. In fact, there’s an entire Czarina Collection (of which Ballet Russe is a part), designed to “inspire your inner Anastasia.” This red is universally-flattering, with a divine consistency I’ve seen paralleled only by other Three Custom lipsticks.

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