Go Behind the Scenes of SJP’s Vogue Photo Shoot

Oh, girls. I just bought not one, but TWO tickets (for myself) to the Sex and the City movie on two separate nights on Fandango. And I’m most likely going to see it a third time with my friends Lauren, Jill and Dana (my own little SATC-like quartet) because the three of them are away in Poland and Prague until June 2nd. Thanks to a suggestion by Julia, I’m seeing it with my roommate Carrie on Thursday at midnight (technically Friday) and then again on Friday night with my friends Erin, Tiffany and Stephanie. I mean, that’s how I roll. It’s been getting mediocre reviews, but you know what? To quote Carrie (my roomie), “I’m gonna like it anyway.”

Back to the fashion biz at hand. Check out the Versace, Nina Ricci, David Yurman, Balenciaga, YSL and Manolo Blahnik in which Sarah Jessica Parker decked herself for the June Vogue photo shoot — a fantasy New York City honeymoon for Parker’s Sex and the City character, Carrie Bradshaw, and Mr. Big. Find out exactly what dresses, shoes and accessories she’s wearing and buy it on Neiman Marcus online by watching the exclusive behind-the-scenes video on Vogue.TV here.

P.S. I am DEFINITELY on Team Big. I was never feeling the Aidan vibe, although I think he was a lovely man who was simply not right for Carrie. What’s your feeling on the Mr. Big situ? Vote and tell me!

Photo credit: nymag.com

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2 Comments Go Behind the Scenes of SJP’s Vogue Photo Shoot

  1. kara

    OMG i am on like a psychotic maniac countdown til opening day! i cannot waaaaaaaiiiiit! and i TOTALLY feel exactly the same as you about the whole aidan/big thing, i agree that while aidan was a lovely man who loved carrie and would have been wonderful to her, he just wasn’t right for her, which happens a lot in real life and can be so sad. big was ALWAYS the one for her, and much as she tried, it couldn’t be denied. it doesn’t hurt that big is super-duper sex on legs, either! i am so amped for the movie i can’t WAIT to discuss it! and i also couldn’t care LESS about the reviews, i would be happy to sit and watch the girls do jumping jacks in various Fendi, Gucci, Stella and YSL outfits for 2 hours. yep i’m insane. that’s me!


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