T3 Kicks off Their Honeymoon Hair Contest!

The T3 Pink Mini

T3 is kicking off their Honeymoon Hair contest today! So often brides neglect their hair needs for the honeymoon. They usually prep for the big day with the help of a professional stylist. But T3 wants to make sure that she’s got the right tools for fabulous T3 hair. They’re prepared to take you from the pool to cocktails in minutes.

They are offering one lucky bride the chance to come to NYC for a 2-day trip, a consultation with my FAVE stylist Orlando Pita (for her and a guest of her choice – does it need to be said that I’m insisting all of my engaged friends enter this contest and take me as their guest should they win?), $500 in cash and a Sephora shopping spree. 10 runners up will receive either the Pink Mini and Boost or the Overnight and Plump.

Brides to be can enter with a photo of why they need T3’s help – whether it’s because they have frizzy, unruly hair or simply need some direction on what works best for them. Visit the site at www.t3micro.com/honeymoonhair.

3 Comments T3 Kicks off Their Honeymoon Hair Contest!

  1. Jennifer

    Ok…this stinks for us women whose friends are all married. But it’s great for those who are almost there. I mean Orlando Pita OMG…he’s like a hair god.


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