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Have I mentioned that I adore all things prom-related? I do. It was my DREAM to be the beauty editor of a teen magazine… mostly because I wanted to write the hell out of the beauty section in the magazine’s PROM ISSUE.

My own prom experiences were pretty faboo. I attended my junior prom with my BF at the time, Bob. The whole situation was very high school-girl-in-suburbia. He was VERY pretty (prettier than I… one of the many reasons we broke up and I have since only been able to stomach very virile dudes) and provided me with a gorge multi-colored corsage that matched my cinderella-at-the-ball blue gown to perfectsh. My fabulous gay friend Ted escorted me to my senior prom where I wore a champagne Jessica McClintock to-die gown and he wore a coordinated champagne vest. We talked massive trash on Bob and his new GF whilst dancing and surprisingly, it turned out to be better than the previous prom.

For each prom, I would allocate, naturally, about 4 hours for Pre-Prom Beautification. There have been some pretty mage developments in makeup since my prom. Since this poll indicated that there are at least a few under 18 gals who are BBJ readers, this post is for them. I’ve compiled my favorite promtastic products that I only wish were available in 1998.

The Heatherette for M.A.C. Collection
just SCREAMS prom to me. I’ll admit it: when I first saw photos of the collection online, it looked a little… Planet Unicorn. But upon trying it out for myself, I’ve identified some key adorably-packaged pieces that when used SEPARATELY are totes promtastic and are just dying to be packed away in your little prom clutch.

Heatherette Lipstick in Melrose Mood is so very Elle Woods pink. I envision it with a sultry smoky eye and a 60s updo. Very diva, girls. VERY diva.

Heatherette Lipglass in Style Minx – the title says it all, doesn’t it? This saucy hot pink number provides just enough vanilla-scented shine. I’d pair it with some serious Angelina Jolie-esque winged liner.

I would carry this Heatherette Trio 1 in my purse with me as well – it boasts an absolutely enormous mirror. Your friends will be dying for you to pass it over during the buffet dinner. The shadow trio houses three delectable shades in sparkly pink, turquoise, and blue-flecked dusky black. The last shade would be phenom applied as a vampy liner with some water or some Paula Dorf Transformer, which transforms powder shadow into liquid liner.

Are you attending a prom? Tell me everything about it in the comments, from the dress to the inspiration. Start at the beginning, end at the end. Go.

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  1. Sunshine

    I’m 18 and my prom is this Friday, April 18th. I was thinking about getting my makeup done, but I’ve had a few too many unfortunate experiences with getting it done professionally. So, I decided that I’d do it myself.

    My dress is silky black with silver as the secondary color. Any ideas as to what I should do with my eye makeup?

  2. Jennifer

    ok…well…keep in mind, this was the late 80’s here add NJ into the mix and it’s a recipe for some hideous prom attire.
    so…for my first prom, I wore a hand me down bridesmaid dress…taffeta I think.
    For the second, my mom bought me a dress from a dress shop. Royal blue knee length with a sequin bodice, a peplum, and a…ready for it?…bow. It also came with a bolero jacket complete with puffy sleeves and shoulder pads.

  3. Fabulista

    Hey Nikki!

    I love that you have a dance coming up! Okay. I watch a lot of Newport Harbor and read Seventeen and Teen Vogue so I THINK I can advise you.

    I would wear a jersey material (T shirt material) short sleeved short dress (not crazy short unless you have fab legs, but def above the knee) with tights or leggings if it’s cold. I’m not sure when the dance is. OR, I would wear either a long tank or short sleeved cute T shirt (maybe with puffy sleeves?) with a few fun gold charm or locket necklaces with skinny jeans. You can get cute ones at Forever 21 or at HM. If you don’t have a shirt in mind, I’d suggest going to Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, HM, or the Brass Plum section of Nordstrom if you live near one. The juniors dept of any dept store will also have a great selection of both jeans and T’s.

    As for shoes, I’d say either cute flats or some roundtoed platform heels in a fun metallic leather – bronze, silver or gold. Let me know what you end up wearing!


  4. Jennifer

    It has been a while (won’t say how long) since my prom and you just brought back the images with your McClintock. OMG if you wore McClintock, you were considered high fashion back in the day!
    BTW I think that I too would have had a better time with a gay friend too!

  5. Nikki

    Great post! I’ll have to remember it for my prom eventually.

    I have a question for you though, since you went to highschool in fairly recent times compared to my mother…I want to go to the next dance at school…just one of the regular dances…and I’ve never gone to one before. I’m sixteen, if that helps. I would be going with my friends since I’m not dating anyone right now. What am I supposed to wear, etc? Any ideas? Thanks!


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