Check out the April Issue of The Beauty Ideal!

Happy April, dolls! Check out my latest Beauty Ideal article about debunking face-specific beauty myths here. The entire April issue is dedicated to beauty myths and how to navigate through them to distinguish between fact and fiction. My gal Daneen was the Beauty Editor of this issue, and I think you’ll quite agree that she did a phenom job.

Guess who will be the the Beauty Editor of the May issue? YOURS TRULY! I’m thinking the issue will focus on what SPF/moisturizing/not-as-moisturizing products you need to stock up on for summer. How to combat that grotesque chlorinated blonde look that veers toward Incredible Hulk green, etc. You know. Let me know what YOU’D like to see and I’ll figure out how we can incorporate it.

Also, I wanted to let you know that I have decided to focus more of my energy on my real passion, coverage of the credit crisis. I have decided to create a second blog called Bond Blogging Junkie, which I will be updating daily. I’ll provide the link later today. Unfortunately, that means the this blog will only be updated on a weekly basis from now on. You understand, right?

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