Live in NYC and Work in a Cube? Try

I hate to talk on the phone. Period. I HATE it. That’s why I adore It’s the Seamless Web of the beauty industry. I just tried it out and without a single word, have a wax booked at Chill Day Spa for tonight. Easy peasy. And the mage best part? Everyone in my office doesn’t have to know when I schedule a bikini wax. Now you can book a massage, blowout, or any other service, quickly and privately, from anywhere you can access the web. Simply enter the service you’d like and choose a neighborhood. Done.

And, if you recommend a friend who then books and honors their first Lifebooker appointment, you’ll receive $20 in rewards to use toward any appointment on the site. So if 10 friends honor appointments, you’ll receive $200 to use toward any services on our site. 100 friends and you’ll get $2000. Go to Lifebooker and click the “Invite Friends, Receive Rewards” button on the home page.

Check it out!

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