Got2b Kate Hudson

Before my girlcrush on Amanda/Becki Newton, I tried my damnedest to channel Kate Hudson ALL OF THE TIME. I haven’t been as into her lately and even I, a former viewer of all of her movies on OPENING DAY, admit that Fool’s Gold looks pretty terrible. But did she not look breathtaking at the SAG Awards? Specifically her HAIR? 2 things, 1. I’m not really in love with that dress. I feel she wears another version of that specific dress at least 9 times a year. She looks great in it, but I could use a change. Remember the green Versace with sheer sleeves? That was a wild departure for Kate and she wore it without letting it wear her.

Anyway. 2. She looks so much like her mother in the first photo circa Laugh In. But back to her hair. I’d love to know what witch doctor she is frequenting to get hair that is so very highlighted, processed, and straightened to positively GLEAM with health. I can’t manage that when I’m platinuming it up, but I can offer some advice on how to achieve shiny straight hair for mere mortals (provided their hair is in a semi-healthy state.) I revive second day hair (as in, you washed it the day before) using my T3 Evolution on the highest heat setting, my Marilyn Brush, and Got2b Smooth Operator Smoothing Satin Drops ($7.99.) Apply a dime-sized amount just on the ends before smoothing with a blowdryer. The packaging is luxurious and so L.A.

Photo credits: East News, Got2b

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