Free That Curl

I’ve been ignoring my curls for YEARS and I sort of do feel bad about it. I’ve really limited wearing my curls to rainy or excessively humid days because you never really know what you’re going to GET with curly hair. You know? It’s like the proverbial box of chocolates. That’s why I don’t dare rock curls when I go OUT. Who knows what chicanery could ensue? And would I have time to rewash and restyle? PLUS, my layers and bangs situ must be long enough to be curly. AND my cra hair actually curls so much better the longer it is. So right after a haircut… I run from water for months (obv other than washing it).

Today was a pretty dismal, humid mess and accordingly, I decided to free that curl, as Ouidad says. I had low expectations: my hair was cut less than a month ago and I was convinced it was too damaged to curl the way it used to due to YEARS of flatirons and blow dryers. But after a wash/condition with Ouidad Curl Quencher Shampoo and Conditioner, an application of Dove Mousse with Weightless Moisturizers to the roots, some Ouidad Climate Control Gel throughout the rest of my hair and some blasting with my T3 Diffuser… I was looking pretty good. I mean, you know. Just saying.

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  1. fabulista1

    Hi Jammahs! Indeed, we are a dwindling species. LOVE B&B curly products! I think Japanese straightening looks plum awful unless you have very thick, very healthy hair. I loathe that plastered-to-my-head-so-my-face-looks-fat-look. PS if was fab seeing you on Sunday!

  2. Jammahs

    And, here I thought I was the LAST curly-haired, non-Japanese straightened girl on the entire island of Manhattan!

    I love B&B Curly products or Aveda Be Curly with a big goop of B&B Anti Frizz.


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