Beauty on the Go: Boots Nail Polish Remover Pads

A small jar 15 pads costs about $4. My former roommate J picked these up for me on a recent trip to London. She knows as an Anglophile, I ESPECIALLY enjoy British beauty products, especially when they come from Boots. I was expecting them to…remove nail polish. Let’s just say I had low expectations, and was shocked at how well these little pads work. One pad removes all the polish on both hands- including those tenacious dark polishes (or varnishes, if you are British, and I am. On the inside). AND, they don’t leave colored smudges all over the skin- they remove every bit of polish. Best of all, they don’t smell like nail polish remover at all! They smell like oily fruit- no acetone fumes wafting out. They are incredible. The conditioners on each pad even moisturize your cuticles. What’s better?

P.S. Remember I was supposed to have my haircut with Amy, like, 3 weeks ago? Never happened. She cancelled due to a photo shoot. I am sort of wondering how a photo shoot got scheduled when I had made an appointment (isn’t that… the entire purpose of an appointment)? I have rescheduled for Thursday, one day before I leave for the L.A. slash San Diego slash Cabo trip. Howevs, I may be in the market for a stylist recommendash. Let me know if you know of any stylists who respect your need for long hair. Mmkay? Thanks.

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