Gimme Less 2007 Britney and More 2003 Britney

Hi dolls! How was your weekend? I spent Sunday at the Farm Aid concert with my friends E and L on Randall’s Island and in response, I achieved a mage, hideous farmer TAN. I have a perma V neck T shirt on. It’s bad. E, L, and I also kicked off our “Lobster Roll Tour of NY” at Ed’s Lobster Bar on Lafayette Street this Saturday. I’m pleased to report that the roll there is the best we’ve tried to date. Check it out.

Can we please talk about Britney? I’d call it an almost comeback. Maybe an onherwayback. I don’t know that I’d chose to wear a bikini like it’s 2003 and she needs to be rocking a python. Girl’s in better shape, but not really ready to be taking it all off just yet. And I can’t even TALK about her hair for at least a week. I mean, let’s be serious. We all know she has extensions. We don’t need to see them close up. This is one instance where I felt sincerely sorry for those watching the event on an HD TV. As soon as she finished her performance, I got at least 3 phone calls requesting commentary. Hilar. Maybe I should quit my day job and be a Britney and beauty prod “talking head”. For those of you who don’t know, Britney used to be my FAVORITE. My world of inspiration was solely comprised of Britney and the Olsen twins. What did you think of her performance?

Photo courtesy of Reuters.

3 Comments Gimme Less 2007 Britney and More 2003 Britney

  1. fabulista1

    I felt sorry for her, too. But she could have made an AWESOME comeback if she’d waited for the right time, that’s what kills me.

    I just feel like I could have gone up there myself rocking a bikini and walked around the stage doing unimpressive dancing at the VMAs and it would have looked just like that.

    Kim – I HAVE to look on perez and see that, why is she so CRA.

  2. TessaJ

    It was pretty bad. I felt sorry for her. Every so often, she would have a moment where the old Britney would shine through, but then she’d lose it again.

    I have a feeling she has to hit bottom before she can truly have a comeback.


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