Cra Combos

I love a cra combo. My life is full of them, although some created unwittingly. The most notorious example is my French degree combined with my career in Financial Services. I love explaining that one on a job interview. My fave mag combo for the gym is OK and The New Yorker. I’ve been known to rock Prada and Forever 21 in the same outfit. And my cats are named Simone and Ramon. Simone is named after Simone de Beauvoir, French author and wife of Jean Paul Sartre. Ramon is named after the auto mechanic whom Romy must faux-seduce in Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (“OOOOHHH Ramon”).

Sometimes the cra combo schematic extends to the makeup world.

I adore Givenchy’s Lip Brown pencil combined with Aquaphor.

I love, love, love a nude pencil/clear balm moment. When applied correctly, it flatters the hell out of those who can’t really wear a full-on lipstick during the day but want to look polished at work. Most blondes (myself included) can’t wear most lipsticks without looking like they’re playing dress up, but the combo produces the most natural tint with just enough shine. The Givenchy pencil is a fantastic consistency and is made of a waterproof formula. Just make sure to fill in the entire lip area lest you resemble that unsexy look so very prevalent in my high school in the mid-to-late 90s.

Aquaphor calms eyebrows, glosses up lips (I prefer it to any clear gloss I’ve ever tried) yet doesn’t cause that wind-induced-hair-stuck-to-your-lip situ, and even moisturizes dry heels. Slip some on heels, cover with thin socks and pad around your apartment for a couple hours.

What’s your favorite cra combo?

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