Integrate Mad Men Style Into Your Wardrobe

Dolls, I just penned a piece on integrating Mad Men fashion into your lifestyle for my one of my other Internet homes (I’m swiftly compiling Internet homes like Brangelina collect brick and mortar ones!), The Style Glossy. Check out this excerpt from my inaugural post for their Dressing Room column:

The ladylike ensembles seen in Mad Men have influenced our fashion zeitgeist in numerous ways. To mix a little ’60s screen siren style into your 2010 closet, try:

Out-of-circulation Shades
The women of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce rock charmingly muted hues we just don’t see any more — deep teal/green hybrids, creamy off-mustard yellows and cherry reds that border on orange. Invest in a few pieces sporting these colors — they look especially chic when you feature them in “now” styles like pencil skirts and caged gladiator heels. 

Matching Shoes and Bags
This is the subject of much debate. The upshot? It’s not necessary in the least, but if your goal is to channel one Ms. Betty Draper Francis, a matching purse and heels adds a touch of Kennedy administration sensibility.

Skinny floral scarves boast a French air of je ne sais quoi without seeming stuffy. Pair one with a solid pink shift and you’ll need to tell your date to stop getting “handsy” at the drive-in.

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