The Company Store

I mean, it’s Friday, it’s May, yet it’s 50 degrees outside. What better way to improve my mood than to skip on down to the Company Store? I purchased Grassroots In Perfect Condition Deeply Moisturizing Shampoo (hoping to repair my steel wool-textured mess of a mane) and some MAC Fluidline in a festive black shade with golden shimmer infused throughout called “Blitz and Glitz”. Fun but weird bonus: I opened the jar to check out the color and found that it smells like chocolate! What’s more fun than that? NOTHING. Will review both prods next week!

P.S. MAC Fluidline is just as good as Bobbi Brown’s Long Wear Gel Eyeliner AKA Defcon 5 Liner. I promise I’m less fickle in my romantic endeavors as I am in my cosmetic ones. Sort of.

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