Lock it up.

Gals, happy Friday. I hesitate to admit this, but I really don’t like to share my products. Obviously, I’m happy to lend some gloss when we’re on the go, or provide “night makeup” for a Day-to-Night Barbie transformation for a friend who can’t make it home to spruce up on a weeknight. But free-for-all sharing of cosmetics and beauty products makes me intensely NERV. In college, I lived with SIX other girls in a most communist beauty/fashion situation. I’m still missing key items I dream about including but not limited to a blouse I purchased while studying abroad in Paris and numerous cosmetics. One morning, I skipped a class and returned to my room only to find one roommate who will remain nameless using all my products while I was gone. And she freaked because I startled her. My deepest APOLOGIES, roommate who will remain nameless. I would never want to startle YOU whilst you were doing your daily primping in my room. How rude of me.

I’m still annoyed about it, clearly. But Sephora has come out with something that would have solved ALL of my 1999-to-2002 sticky-fingered roommate issues. Their adorable new Raffia Train Case comes with its own LOCK AND KEY. Genius, n’est-ce pas? It’s sold as part of Sephora’s Safari Summer 2008 Collection for $78 at Sephora and Sephora.com.

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  1. kara

    oh god i could have NEVER lived in a a clothes-and-makeup commune with SIX other girls! eeeeek! i had a hard enough time defending my own closet from all my sticky fingered friends! i can remember several very cool (for the time period) items of clothing from Contempo Casuals (remember Contempo?!?!?!) that disappeared and never were to be seen again. grrrr! and if i caught my roommate raiding my makeup while i was MIA i would have FREAKED! it would NOT have been pretty!


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