Authenticity is Key Plus a LOST Recap

I think something happens in your mid-late 20s where you just want to cut all the bullshit and start being YOU. You all over the place. Every facet of you. I used to be so embarrassed that my parents were so unabashedly THEM in public… and now I get it. It’s stupid to thoroughly think through every single thing that comes out of your mouth the way I used to, not even very long ago. It’s ridiculous! What a colossal waste of time. This even extends into the beauty arena. All my life I’ve had dirty blonde hair (couldn’t they have come up with a better term for it?). Except for one crazy year where I decided to be a brunette (and promptly became certifiably depressed not because being a brunette isn’t cool but because being a brunette wasn’t ME), I have been blonde. Storytime: everyone in my family has raven (simone) dark hair. I used to think I was adopted (my brother E used to actually TELL me I was when I was little, and seriously? I believed it.) Also, he wanted a little sister who looked just like the girl from Poltergeist. E gets everything he wants. Not only was I the first girl born on my dad’s side of the fam in 40 years, but I WAS a doppelganger of the Poltergeist girl. (sidenote: isn’t she dead or something? Anyway.) I was so annoyed that I appeared to be “ordered” just for E’s amusement, that I made the decision to never have long hair. I mean, why should he get to order a SISTER? Now of course, all I want is long blonde hair and ironically, it plum won’t happen for me. No matter what I do, my hair won’t grow past a little below shoulder length. UGH. I’m digressing Sophia Petrillo-style today. So my point is, there’s been a highlights embargo (kind of like “mistakes were made”… ha!) on my hair of late. My hair is now 85% my natural color and I don’t see myself changing that anytime soon. It’s FINE. FINE. I’m over the whole “I must be platinum like Jessica Simpson” phase. Have you guys become more authentically you in your mid-late 20s? Do let me know.

In other news, Wednesday’s LOST was super. They obv changed their ways. That was clearly the climax of the season. I mean, I can’t believe Claire used to be goth. You know how I feel about goths: same as I do about 90s fashion in general. Also, I’m currently researching the significance of the appearance of a T shirt that said “bondi beach”. I know it’s a beach in Australia, but I have to look into that. I adore the reference to The Fountainhead (Sawyer’s reading it). Can’t believe Patchy is dead, and PS? The way he died was so Edgar of 24, foaming at the mouth and all. I and all of my LOST pals totes called it that Christian Shepard is Claire’s dad. But I wasn’t prepared for the fact that the blonde woman we’re shown when Christian goes to see them in Australia is Claire’s AUNT and not her mother. Wild. Oh, and I don’t understand how they attached that note to that seagull. I mean, like that’s going to stay on while the bird migrates south for the winter. Locke is behaving much like the Locke of season 1. And Jack has drunk the Kool-Aid… he was playing FOOTBALL with Tom and the Others? What’s THAT about?

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