How am I Supposed to Have a Good WEDNESDAY

When Maureen Dowd is on vacation? UGH. Next thing you know, LOST will be cancelled this week. BT dubs, can we talk about LOST a little baby second? Why is it so SLOW of late? Save for the last episode and the first ep of the 2nd part of the season, I get the distinct feeling that the writers have decided to extend their original idea of 6 seasons of fame so they can all ride out their glory to the bitter end. I mean, the end, nor the beginning, nor the middle could EVER be bitter, but I’m just not FEELING it as much as I used to. Obv, I’ll never abandon Jack Shepard, and I’ll always watch ON WEDNESDAY, but the plots these days just seem to have been stretched out to include boring filler stuff like, Hurley, Charlie and Sawyer finding a van. I hope it continues to get better as it did last week. Because until then, I have nothing to recap, and I simply can’t live like this. To quote my brother, E, each episode was like a gift, rife with background drama, action and important nuggets of info. I plum don’t feel the same way of late.

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