One HAPPY Juror

First of all. Why didn’t anyone tell me that jury duty is the best thing ever? I mean, I was feeling guilty about sitting down for hours on end reading nothing but the stacks of OK, The New Yorker and ELLEs that I’ve needed to catch up on forever, until I realized… jury duty is amazing. I ran into my friend M there, who was on his second day of civic duty and he told ME that on day 2, you a) get to come in at 10:15, b) usually get 2 hours for lunch and c) ARE NOT AT WORK and there is nothing you can do about it! (even though I will have to go into work tonight for a couple hours). How Carrie Bradshaw is this: this morning, I went into the wrong building (60 Centre Street as opposed to 100 Centre Street, where I was summoned to appear) solely because I recognized 60 as the building where Carrie and Berger do their dramatic “movie kiss”. PS I may have to go “discount shopping” at Century 21 during my extended lunch hour tomorrow. Done.

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