Hightail it to Sephora for Some Hylexin

If you don’t want to look like this get thyself some Hylexin. I just purchased it on eBay last week, started using it on Sunday and already I see a difference in my formerly gruesome dark circles. After reading Real World Melissa rave about it, I had to purchase some. And BT dubs, Melissa is a truly gifted writer. If you watched Real World New Orleans (and what was that, like 9 years ago?) you know how thoroughly entertaining she is. Her blog entries are lengthy, but her unique “language” is so funny that you end up adopting her phrases as your own.

Anyway. I had tried everything for my dark circles. And BTW? On someone as pale as I, dark circles are cute for Halloween, but that’s about it. I bought several concealers, none of which completely alleviated the problem. My favorites are Benefit Boing and Laura Mercier Secret Concealer. Neither eradicated the linebacker look I was rocking, but several applications a day did ameliorate the situation considerably. But who wants to apply several applications of concealer? Not I. I’d also elevated the head of my bed a bit by placing textbooks under it AND made sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep, but these bags were, alas, not sent packing. Since twice daily applications of Hylexin (and it’s only been 3 days mind you), my puffiness and circles are diminished and I finally wake up impossibly fresh looking. Because dolls, dark circles are hereditary, and that’s all there is to it.
The first step to a sultry-lined eyes is a smooth undereye area.

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