6 Ways to Buy Less Makeup & Marie Kondo Your Way To An Organized Beauty Shelf

If you identified with my previous post on makeup fatigue and have decided buying less makeup is the path for you at the moment, here are a few tips for the journey.

1. Avoid quitting cold turkey.

Unless it’s financially necessary, deciding not to buy any makeup—if you’re someone who quite enjoys it—probably isn’t the best way to do things. Not only because this turns any purchase into “falling off the wagon,” but also because makeup is supposed to be fun, and total deprivation can detract from that. Every now and then, you need to treat yourself.

2. Set a budget.

Based on your financial situation, affinity for makeup, and any other factors, decide how much money you’re willing to spend on makeup each month or quarter.

3. Take an inventory of your current makeup.  

One of the best decisions I made was creating a document in my notes app with a picture of every eyeshadow, palette, liner, glitter, and pigment I own. Eyeshadow is, personally, the type of product I own the most of and wear the most, and it’s also the product I’m most tempted to buy.

The first thing creating an inventory can do is help you realize how much product you have already. We tend to underestimate how much we own, and this list can put things in perspective.

4. Check for dupes before buying new makeup.

Another great benefit an inventory can bring is helping you avoid purchasing duplicates or dupes. If, for example, I’m tempted to buy a coral eyeshadow, I can look at my inventory and check to see if I already own one.

Be careful; just because two things are the same color doesn’t mean they’re dupes. Two products of the same shade may have different formulas, textures, or consistencies which makes owning both of them worthwhile. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal choice.

5. Give yourself a waiting period.

Try waiting 1 month (or 2 or 3, whatever you like). If you still want the product you’ve been eyeing after the waiting period, then consider buying it.

6. Get creative with your current products.

a. Start a project pan and take before and after pictures to document your progress using up your products.

b. Designate products of the week by challenging yourself to use the same few products in new ways each day of a week.

c. Roll the dice and play makeup roulette to choose new color or product combos to spice things up.

d. Use new products as inspiration only. For color cosmetics, if you have your eye on a new product, use it as inspiration for a look then shop your stash to create the look. For example, I am often attracted to a new eyeshadow palette because of the color combinations or the looks other people are creating with it. Typically, I already have all or most of the colors required for these looks in my existing collection, just not all in the same palette. So, I challenge myself to search for dupes for the colors in my collection and re-create the looks with my old products.

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