Chanel Temple, Global Makeup Artist for Hourglass Cosmetics

Chanel Temple (follow her on insta: @chanelathourglass) is the Global Makeup Artist for Hourglass Cosmetics. Based in Venice, California, she works as the key editorial makeup artist for photoshoots and product education videos. She travels the globe, working with retail partners, influencers, and media to introduce new products and film social content. Here, she shares her 5 Rules For Life, in her own words.

  1. Always take your makeup off, even after a late night.

This is by far the best advice someone gave me when I turned 21 (well, this and to start using eye cream). I used to always forget to take my makeup off at night. Not only is it something that makes you look terribly rough the next morning, but you’re actually aging your skin dramatically. Our skin goes through a renewal process at night and if you have makeup on, that process is affected. Most of the skincare products we use at night are so potent because so much work is done while we sleep. Make it a point to remove your makeup before going to bed and I promise that not only will your skin feel and look noticeably better, but you ruin fewer pillowcases with smears of black mascara! Overall, you’ll just feel like a better human being.

2. Find your style. 

This is a good rule to have in any craft, but especially when it comes to makeup. Find what makes your technique special and hone in on that. The makeup industry is vast and on social media, we see new and upcoming artists pop up every day (which I love!), but in order to stand out, you need to have something that sets you apart. Whether it’s all about your style of brows, how you use highlighter or ways you use products in nontraditional ways, having that specialty will keep your clients coming back and eventually allow for your work to be recognizable for being so different. 

3. Find a healthy way to relieve stress. 

Life is stressful and we all need to find ways to relieve that stress in a healthy way. Sure, having a glass of red wine to unwind after a long day is amazing, but I love taking all that pent up energy and using it towards some sort of physical activity. It can be as high energy as something like kickboxing to something more calming like yoga. Swimming is my stress reliever. When I go to my local pool and swim laps, it’s so peaceful and is my alone time. There’s no music, no talking, no shouting. Just me and the water. 

4. Take the trip. 

Life is too short to not experience a bit of adventure. My dad used to always tell me to always have a trip planned. You can often find an affordable trip to travel overseas or across the country, but it could also be as simple as a small road trip or an escape to the desert or beach. Planning a trip gives you something to look forward to and it’s a great way to put yourself out of your comfort zone.

5. Stop apologizing. 

Did you know the average person says sorry about 8 times a day? We are constantly apologizing for things that don’t require an apology. Now I’m not talking about apologizing when it actually is needed or when it’s the right thing to do, but instead, I’m referring to apologizing for asking a question or when you need to move behind someone on a bus or for taking up too much time on a presentation. I find that we when use “sorry” as default, we are establishing a lack of confidence in ourselves. I have to remind myself of this every single day because my gut response to most things is to say sorry when it’s probably something that’s not needed.

Thanks, Chanel!

Stay tuned for more Five Rules installments.

 “Five Rules,” is a series on Rouge18 in which I ask others to share their five rules for life about anything and everything. You can learn a lot about a person by reading which five things govern their actions, no? 

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