Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness 6 Fix

1. From The Lion King to Us to Avengers, get your popcorn ready because here are the best new movies premiering in 2019.

2. We have more than movies to be excited about in 2019. On the theatre front, The Notebook is coming to Broadway!

3. If you’re working with very little space in your apartment or house, fear not, because here are the best pieces of furniture for small spaces.

4. When you use natural skincare products, keep a look out for natural ingredients that irritate the skin like citrus, witch hazel, and lavender.

5. Speaking of skincare, pay close attention to packaging, because jar packaging is rendering your products ineffective sooner and costing you more money in the long run.

6. Finally, this handy dandy infographic shows you how much of each skincare product (e.g. cleanser, serum, moisturizer) to apply. 

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