Here’s Why Valmont’s Anti-Aging Brand Is NOT One Size Fits All

We don’t all age the same way, so why use one-size-fits-all anti-aging products? There are generally two physical signs of aging Valmont’s AWFlines addresses: sagging and wrinkles.

First, all products in the AWF5 dual line contain the 5 powerhouse ingredients that make up the AWF5 Complex:

  1. Vitamin C: protects skin structures and brighten skin
  2. Fibro-boost: boosts the production collagen and elastin to promote the skin’s elasticity and firmness
  3. GAG booster: boosts GAG production to help plump the skin
  4. Densi-Derm: helps with skin matrix regeneration
  5. Peptide Cocktail: eliminates wrinkles by stimulating cell renewal


Valmont’s AWF5 dual line is comprised of the “V-Line Lifting” line and “V-Shape Filling” line, and each line contains a serum, face cream, and eye cream. The “V-Line Lifting” primarily addresses wrinkling; the products in this line smooth, plump, and enhance texture. The “V-Shape Filling” was designed to address sagging. by toning, increasing elasticity, and restoring density and volume to the skin.


You can stick to products from one collection, mix and match, or use both collections together. Both collections will be available in Fall 2018.


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