5 Rules For Life: Wellness Expert & Healer Michelle Keinan

Michelle Keinan is a successful wellness multi-preneur, healer, power guide, community builder, speaker, and shares  inspiring conversation on her Radically Selfish podcast. I can personally attest to her healing capabilities. I met with her a couple months ago on a day I was particularly stressed out and irritated and after a calming 30-minute session, I felt like a lighter genetic mutation of myself who had achieved mega clarity. She’s the truth, yo.
After 10+ years in marketing (a safe, lucrative career that made her family happy), Michelle decided to honor her inner-guidance system and live a fully empowered life according to her own desires — and she has since taught hundreds of others to do the same. She is a certified Practitioner of the Grinberg Method as well as Pantarei Approach, and a Level 1 NLP Coach. Her mission to change the possibility paradigm for other healers led to the founding of City Wellness Collective—a members-only community of exceptional wellness practitioners. Michelle is launching a group, DO YOU, an online mastermind group for women who are want to rekindle their inner fire and live a radically happy life. Here, Michelle shares her 5 Rules For Life, in her own words.
  1. Always put your desires first. Selfishness gets a bad rap. Most people think it means putting yourself first at the expense of other people. What it really means is honoring yourself – simply by deciding to listen to what you know is right in your heart, no matter what other people think or try to tell you. Following your desires will make sure you don’t feel burnt out, resentful, depressed, anxious, or frustrated – because you’ll be following a deeper level of guidance inside of you that connects you to pleasure, joy, fulfillment, integrity and opportunity. Sounds like a nice way to live, right?
  2. Be yourself. This is the best way to weed out the people who are not meant to be in your life, and connect you with the people who will love you through and through, support you and make the journey most fun, interesting and rewarding.
  3. You can’t think your way out of — or into — everything. Trust me, I’ve tried 😉 The answer, or the right thing to do can sometimes be a feeling, or a deep knowing that has nothing to do with logic, and everything to do with trust and faith.
  4. Be grateful. Sounds like such a cliche – but when you can tap into that feeling, it will ground you into the present moment and allow you to have so much context for everything you have going for you in life.
  5. Have fun and take it easy. Life is a giant game, full of rules literally made up by other people. Remember that, chill out, and enjoy the ride.

Bonus: Don’t listen to other peoples’ advice. When other people give you advice, no matter how well-intentioned or how loving – they’re only telling you what is best for THEM. No one knows what is best for you – only you do. Learn to listen to your own inner guidance system, it will never steer you wrong.

Thanks, Michelle!

Stay tuned for more Five Rules installments.

 “Five Rules,” is a series on Rouge18 in which I ask others to share their five rules for life about anything and everything. You can learn a lot about a person by reading which five things govern their actions, no?

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