Five Rules For Life: Mashell Tabe

Hailed a healer of the face and of the soul, Mashell Tabe’s services are rooted in nurturing and empowering both the physical and emotional sides of women. This led her to create a space for those seeking self-care, which enhances physical beauty, awakens soul love and a passion for the self and for life. Three years ago, Mashell opened her newest studio, the Manhattan-based Face & Soul, where she serves a growing list of clients. My gal Andrea Lavinthal (side note: read Andrea’s Five Rules) swears by her, so after she enjoyed a life-changing facial treatment, I asked Mashell to share her Five Rules For Life. Here they are, in her words. 

1. Become a master of your chakras. Knowing who you are as an energetic being gives you power and control over your journey. 

Knowing who you are as an energetic being gives you power and control over your journey. You become the master of your destiny.

2. Become an initiate of your heart’s desires.

To me, the true essence of an initiation of the heart, means to mark a threshold, crossing into a sacred flow of consistently choosing to bring love and beauty into your world and into the world of others.


3. Make the goal to be the best version of you/don’t make yourself small to fit in.

I struggled to find myself for years, placing myself on a path that didn’t fit me. Being small truncating my energy as not to offend others and fit in, when the truth was, I was never meant to fit in; I was to shine by standing in my brilliance. As are we all!

4. Set your intentions.

Become heart-centered, love yourself, and respect your journey, even when others don’t. Set your intention to be the best and know that your intentions are a powerful form of co-creation with the Divine. As long as you come from a place of being of service, the Divine will support you. Weave your way through the naysayers. Find your tribe of supporters. Stake claim to your success; know that you and the Divine determine your journey. Come from a place of wanting to bring beauty and joy into people’s lives. The Divine will support you. No matter where you are, how it all begins for you, the beginning doesn’t define you, your perseverance does.

5. Detach yourself from outcome. 

I’ve come to a place where I have detached myself from any expectation other than to just show up and be of service for divine feminine energy. Let this be your mantra, “Just show me how to serve.”


Thanks, Mashell! Stay tuned for more Five Rules.


“Five Rules,” is a Rouge18 series in which I ask others to share their five rules for life about anything and everything. You can learn a lot about a person by reading which five things govern their actions, no? 

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