The Best Way To Try New Milk Makeup

Friends, can I tell you the glee with which I purchased, as a civilian mind you, three delightful Milk Makeup gems at Urban Outfitters in Williamsburg this weekend? And yes, UO in Wburg is pretty much a redundant sentence of hipster. But the colors! The textures! The utility of never-before seen items like a holographic highlighter stick and a highlighteresque (of the school supply variety) never-budging lip tint were too much for me. The rumors are true, Milk Makeup is where it’s at. Well guess what? ALL Birchbox subscribers (this includes NEW subscribers, so sign up now and you’ll get a September box) will get to try one of three Milk Makeup products in their boxes: 
So get into it and let me know your thoughts on Milk! It does a face good, evidently.

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