The Trick To Ciara’s Silver Met Gala Makeup Moment

Yolanda Frederick was inspired by Ciara’s jeweled backless gown.  Here, the beauty breakdown for her makeup effect.



“To begin Ciara’s look I always love doing her brows and eyes first. I shaped and defined the

brows using the H&M Beauty Specialist Pencil in Chocolate Brown. I love this pencil! I

based her lids with H&M Beauty Colour Essence Eye Cream in Sirocco and followed by

smudging the H&M Beauty Colour Essence Eye Pencil in Celestial into her bottom and top

lash lines. I used the H&M Beauty Eyeshadow Palette in Smoky Nudes to carve out a

sultry smokey winged eye using the darker brown shades, then layered H&M Beauty High

Impact Eye Colour in Sun Worship and Let It Shine to give the eyes drama fitting for the

Met Gala. Finally I topped off the eye with some flirty lashes and H&M Beauty Control Chic

Mascara in Deep Black.

Next, I began the foundation application. I used a mixture of H&M Beauty All Day Liquid

Foundation in Amber and Ebony and highlighted the under eye area with H&M Beauty

Medium-to-Dark Custom Concealer Trio. I carved out the cheek bones with H&M Beauty

Pure Velvet Cream Blusher in Cameo Brown. We added lots of radiance and reflection to

the high points of her face with H&M Beauty Highlight-To-Go Highlighter Stick in Imperial


We kept the lips more muted since the eyes were such a focal point. I contoured the lip-line

with H&M Beauty Cream Lip Colour in So Cocoa, and then layered with Seashell and a

splash of Peach Fuzz to highlight! To make them pop, I finished with a tiny bit of H&M

Beauty Pure Lustre Gloss in Hollywood Muse.”

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