Tina Fey’s Edgy Emmys 2015 Updo: How To Get The Look

Tina+Fey+67th+Annual+Primetime+Emmy+Awards+VPGkmCoVoqklRemington Celebrity Stylist Richard Marin created 2015 Emmys nominee Tina Fey’s red carpet look, offsetting her color-blocked black and white gown. “To create Tina’s look, I began by spraying her wet hair with texturing spray and then blow drying with Remington’s T-Studio PROtect Dryer. I then took the Remington Instant Curls 1 ¼ inch Curling Iron to create a slight bend at the end of her hair and sprayed dry shampoo all over strands to get as much texture as possible.

For added volume, I combed back the bang area and then pulled all of Tina’s hair into a low ponytail at the nape of her neck. Within the ponytail, I created three braids and secured each braid with an elastic. To complete the look, I twisted each braid until they coiled at the nape of the neck and pinned each one into place to create an effortless accent. I finished the look with a spritz of shine spray.”
What do you think of this look on Tina Fey?

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