Bikini Line Time

satcDon’t commit bikini line crimes. Here is everything you need for a summer of smooth sailing:
Completely Hypo Allergenic Wax Strips for Face, Bikini and Body ($11): You can stash these in your purse, they are no heat and I’m not DIY about bikini line stuff but these are ideal for emergencies.

Hibba Loofah It ($12): This hand woven Ayate cloth removes the upper layer of dead skin by opening clogged pores and preventing in-grown hairs. Start using 10 days after waxing.

Tend Skin ($20): Porn stars use this, okay? They know what’s up down there. I like the roll on because it’s no mess.
 bump blaster

Completely Bare Bikini Bump Blaster ($9): These pads contain glycolic acid to prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs by clearing away dead skin cells which clog pores. It also contains salicylic acid and blocks bacteria buildup. Use every other day.

—Julia Casella
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