Wax On: Uni K

tumblr_o0c0cyNUqH1rlafseo1_400Let’s be honest, waxes are never going to be pain-free. But there are some waxes that hurt less than others and it always comes down to the type of wax being used and the aesthetician. I’ve been seeing consistent results at Uni K (pronoucned “UN EEH KAY”) so I had to let you Florida/New York readers know!
Uni K uses an all-natural elastic wax that combines pine-tree resin and beeswax with other natural ingredients for a sticky and soft wax. I’ve found that because it doesn’t harden like traditional wax, it’s less painful. It’s also extremely hygienic (one pot per person) and consistent. Here’s a list of locations, so you can experience this close to pain-free wax situation.
—Julia Casella

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