Holiday Gift Guide: How To Get Away With Murder, Laurel Castillo Edition


Laurel from How To Get Away With Murder is a classic American beauty, with sneaky sharp skills and strong brows to match. She’s likes defending the rights of the less fortunate, blazers, and sleeping with her superiors. 

tommy girlTommy Girl Cologne: This scent reminds you of high-school, and so does Laurel. Then again high school was far from innocent, and so is she. 

tweezerman kitMini Brow Rescue Kit: She’s beautiful and busy, but her brows never suffer. She’ll love this little on-the-go kit that has everything she needs and fits in her school bag. 

oribeOribe Beautiful Color Collection: Shiny hair because she cares! She takes care of her locks and will love this super luxe kit that is hydrating and repairing.  

—Julia Casella

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