You Spin Me Right Round, Baby

waveFun fact: I got this gig by writing about my favorite product at the time, Frederic Fekkai Luscious Curls Cream (which is now discontinued and I didn’t even know until this very minute, so I am kinda sad) but I haven’t worn my hair naturally curly in a very long time. Curls are unruly so I prefer to create them, rather than let them form. Here’s a round up of my three favorite curly creators:


Fekkai Wave Makers: Amber wrote about these last year and they are amazing because you can sleep with them since they are so soft and bouncy. They are also easy to use and the no-heat factor is great for summer. BUT I can’t find these anywhere online so maybe they got discontinued, too? What’s up with Fekkai? Check ebay/ other brands (like Conair) have similar ones.

BeLiss Pro Curl: This is the new love of my life. If you want lots of curls (you can’t put that much hair in at a time) this is your jam. You use it on dry hair, and I like to shake out the curls after and then set them with a hairspray for the perfect beachy texture.  My whole life revolves around YouTube beauty videos so watch this tutorial above for more info.

Remington Ceramic Airwave Hair Dryer: Dries your hair and curls it at the same time. This one allows for more control over the size of the curls and once again, I am going to let this tutorial teach you more.

What’s your favorite way to beach wave?

Julia Casella

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