CoverGirl Bombshell Volume By Lashblast Mascara Review


Official Mascara Correspondent Ashleigh Ciucci test-drives CoverGirl Bombshell Volume Mascara this week. Here, her review, in her words. 

covergirl-bombshell-volume-mascaraI can jump to conclusions from time to time so I initially thought this mascara was two mascaras in one tube.  I applied the side marked “1” and was thoroughly unimpressed.  I applied the side marked “2′ separately and was like, “Oh, this is nice.”  Upon Googling for more deets, I discovered that side 1 is the volumizing base coat and side 2 is the intensifying top coat.  Duh.

With that said, onto the review!…Okay, so the first coat went on with a LashBlast-like brush: rubbery and fat.  My lashes looked soft and defined but not bold enough to end here (obviously.) When I shifted to step 2, the brush was markedly different: it’s fluffier and christmas-tree shaped.  This is really where the magic happens.  My lashes tripled in size and I was shocked at their lift, taper and curl.  I have never seen a “primer” work so well.  I think what makes the difference here is that the primer isn’t adding fibers or waterproofing capabilities; it’s literally creating texture for side 2 to stick to.

I didn’t even bother with an afternoon touch-up because my lashes still looked slammin’.  It took a bit of work to remove at the end of the night but it’s totally worth it.

Buy this baby!–Ashleigh Ciucci

CoverGirl Bombshell Volume By LashBlast Mascara retails for $12 at Have you tried this one? What do you think?

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