2013 Emmys Grooming: Jon Hamm

Look, I prefer my Jon Hamm clean shaven, but let’s be real: He looks pretty steamy any way he’s groomed. Last night, stylist Diana Schmidtke did yeoman’s duty (her life is HARD!) and tended to the hair and beard needs of the man who plays Mr. Don Draper. Here’s how she got his Hammsome masculine look using Anthony Logistics

As Diana said in a profile piece is last Thursdays’ The New York Times, “I work with Jon when he’s Jon Hamm… I don’t work with Don Draper. So for me it’s always about making him not look too Don Draper. Almost like he just ran his fingers through his hair. Very natural.”

For the awards show this time around, Diana didn’t have that issue to worry about. The usually clean cut Mad Men star revealed a drastic transformation with a full beard, saying, “I love not shaving. This ends up happening… I was in England and was working on a project and had been away for four months and I finally got home and I was like, I think I’m done with shaving for a little while. That was about three days ago and then this happens.”
Diana explained that “tonight, I had to work around Jon’s beard, so well-groomed was the overall goal. What makes a man a stand out is the way he carries himself. He can be dressed to the nines and coiffed to perfection, but it’s the way he exudes confidence that makes the difference, and that’s what Jon does, so it’s really a pleasantly simple process for me.” 
Step 1: Apply Anthony Logistics Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 ($32) evenly over the face. “Even though the carpet is shaded, it’s still super important to protect the skin.”

Step 2: Apply Anthony Logistics Continuous Moisture Eye Cream ($33) gently under the eye area with your index finger. “All guys worry about crow’s feet, whether they admit or not,” Diana said. “I like Anthony’s because it contains cucumber extract plus Vitamin A, C and E which serve to reduce puffiness, redness and brighten the area.”

Step 3: Groom the beard by first cutting any stray hairs or fly-aways, so there’s an even surface. Then, shape the beard by creating a nice, clean line underneath with an electric razor.

Step 4: Tend to any redness, bumps or in-growns with Anthony Logistics In-Grown Hair Treatment ($28.50). “ The salicylic acid in this product draws out the hair and reduces irritation.”

Step 5: Apply Anthony Logistics Advanced Formula Lip Balm SPF 25 in Mint and White Tea ($7.50).

Step 6: Apply Anthony Logistics Instant Fix Oil Control ($28) to the t-zone or any shiny areas to absorb excess oil.

Step 7: Blow hair dry. Apply Biolage Styling Pliable Paste ($16; Visit Matrix.com for salon locations) to finger tips and run through hair, pushing it back away from the face and with a slight side part.

Are you a fan of a clean-shaven Hamm? Or do you prefer him scruffy?

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