Jonathan Adler Pop Grapefruit Hand Wash And Lotion Set

It took this firmly Team Flywheel friend a small second to warm up to Jonathan Adler‘s clearly Soulcycle-branded Grapefruit Pop Body Products, but in a very Maria/Tony of West Side Story fame kind of way, I fell for the citrus-scented sundries. 

Its bright but not cloying fragrance makes the mundane task of washing your hands impossibly glamorous while the body lotion keeps mitts moist for hours. In a world where choosing sides (fitness-wise, anyway) is all but unavoidable, consider this bath/body lineup as neutral as Switzerland. Even the most die-hard torq zealots will appreciate Adler’s simple design and cheerful olfactory odyssey. Step 1–use the hand wash and lotion. Step 2–feel pretty. Oh so pretty. And pretty, and witty and gay. 

The Jonathan Adler Pop Grapefruit Body Lotion/Wash set retails for $38 at

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