Hairstyle: Kerry Washington Teen Choice Awards 2013

Marcus Francis tended to Kerry Washington‘s be-banged ‘do for the Teen Choice Awards 2013. So gladiator, right? Says Francis, “Kerry’s Stella McCartney dress had a mood and playfulness to it with its lip and heart prints, making it a fun look for the Teen Choice Awards. We wanted keep her hair fun, not too fussy, and with a bit of rock n roll to it. Cutting bangs and giving the hair a slept in texture made Kerry’s look.” Here’s how he achieved this style. 

“Apply Rene Furterer Mousse Vegetal  to the hair combing it through from roots to ends. Blow dry with a medium size round brush. 
Using two different size curling irons (3/4″ and 1 1/4″) wrapping random pieces of hair from roots to ends in different directions, as well as creating bends in the hair by wrapping around the iron once. Spray each section with Davine’s Structuring Mist hairspray   
Let the hair set unpinned for 10 minutes before brushing out with a Mason Pearson paddle brush and lifting small sections of hair and spraying Oribe Dry Conditioner to give it soft airiness to the texture and volume. 

Tease the crown and lightly smooth out for subtle height. Seal in shine on the bands with Pantene Smoothing Balm with a dime size amount using your fingertips.”

What do you think of Kerry Washington’s Teen Choice Awards 2013 hairstyle?

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